Why I Guide

“The beauty of the living world…has always been uppermost in my mind…I have felt bound by an obligation to do what I could-if I didn’t at least try I could never again be happy in nature…there would be no peace for me if I kept silent.”
Rachael Carson

When I first read this quote, I felt Rachael was speaking for me. She expressed what had been behind the scenes for me most of my life. Instinctively I knew I could always trust Nature. I could bring anything to her and know I would not be turned away. I was always heard, caressed and gently guided back into wholeness. Over and over Nature has met me, held my pain and healed me from hurts large and small. Not only that, but she provides the essential elements for my life: water, air to breathe, warmth and incredible and diverse beauty. When I add it up, there is simply no way that I can truly repay Nature for this beautiful life of mine. But I can choose to encourage and empower others to join me in this deep and luscious adventure!